About Duane

As a father, a husband, a business owner and active person in the community I am always impressed with the many individuals I have met that are making significant contributions to helping others. I have been fortunate to work alongside countless individuals as you will see listed as our partners within this website. This is just a sampling of individuals that juggle their many responsibilities at home and in the workplace to be part of something bigger than them alone. Team McCarthy includes hundreds of individuals that have embraced the concepts of whole food nutrition through Juice Plus+® and are working within their fields of expertise along with the Juice Plus+® Virtual Franchise. If you are visiting this site looking for improving your nutrition or to learn more about the Virtual Franchise we hope that you would reach out to one of our partners here on this site. Otherwise, contact me and I would welcome the opportunity to see if what we have to offer would be a fit for you. Contact us at 610-828-5656 or duanemccarthy@comcast.net